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LDM Triple is the further development of the LDM technology and, similar to it, LDM Triple involves an instantaneous change between different frequencies. However, as an innovation in the aesthetics and medical market, this particular technology stands out from other ultrasound systems by being able to change between three frequencies simultaneously. 


The unique treatment success of LDM Triple not only results from the use of the two well-known Wellcomet® technologies - LDM and the 10MHz frequency but also from the setting 3/10/19 MHz and integrates, for the first time, 19MHz frequency.

Designed primarily for use in the aesthetic-dermatological field, LDM Triple is a modern treatment method for indications such as anti-aging, wrinkles, acne, and much more.

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The LDM Triple 19 treatment delivers mainly 5 key benefits:

1. zero downtime

With the no downtime of LDM Triple, you can return to your work or daily activities straightaway after procedure.

2. highly compatible

The stable nature of LDM Triple treatments make it highly suitable as a complementary treatment to enhance the effect of other procedures (laser, RF, filler, etc.), even complex procedures like thread lifts, liposuction, surgeries, etc.

3. acne & scar improvement

The skin regeneration properties of LDM Triple procedure is effective for scar healing, wound healing and redness reduction.

4. atopy improvement

With LDM Triple’s 19MHz and upgraded technology, procedure can help stubborn atopy reactions via skin regeneration with intensive care.

5. triple lifting

LDM Triple’s triple frequency delivers energy to three skin cell layers simultaneously, resulting in a more effective lifting.

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Advantage of

Most ultrasound systems only carry frequencies in the range 1 to max. 5MHz, thus mainly concentrating energy far below the dermis. LDM Triple is the further development of the LDM technology and, similar to the LDM technology, it involves an instantaneous change between different frequencies. 

Other than 1MHz and 3MHz, LDM Triple device uses ultrasonic waves with a special frequency of 10 MHz and 19 MHz.

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Different from your conventional ultrasound waves

With a half-depth of just about 3mm / 1.5mm, these two frequencies work mainly in the upper layers of the skin. With the 19 MHz frequency, even more superficial work is possible, especially in the dermis and the border of the dermis/subcutis.


These special frequencies have additionally a very small wavelength of 150µml/75µm. As a result, direct influence of single cells or small cell groups within the tissue can happen bringing specific cell reactions that differ qualitatively from the reactions of conventional ultrasound waves.

what can ldm Triple 19 treat or be used for?

The LDM Triple 19 can be used to treat both dermatology and aesthetic procedures. It can also be used in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures to facilitate desired results.


  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Acne comedonica

  • Acne papulopustulosa

  • Atopic dermatitis

  • Perioral dermatitis

  • Eczemas

  • Hypertrophic scars/keloids

  •  Acne scars

  • Contusion

  • Chronic leg ulcer/ulcus cruris

  • Lupus erythematodes


  • Wrinkles

  • Folds

  • Connective Tissue Lift

  • Skin tightening, Face

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Anti-aging

  • Sonophoresis, Face

  • Skin tightening, Body

  • Stretch mark

  • Cellulite

  • Sonophoresis, Body

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